As the world's largest and most experienced advertising agency of its kind, J Media Global offers unparalleled services to advertisers seeking increased online exposure and performance in the affluent, highly-educated Jewish and Eveangelical niche market. The JMG boasts the most advanced, results-oriented  technologies available at the most competitive rates.


Our Tools for Your Business Success:

 Marketing & Advertising

Our team of industry experts assists our clients in planning and executing successful online strategies. By planning, targeting, and optimizing our clients online exposure, we are able to assist our clients in achieving their campaign goals, whether their KPI (Key Performance Indicator) is driving traffic, generating revenue, receiving donations, or enrolling membership and registration. At The JMG we also hold relationships with leading print publications and offer out clients full access to traditional offline advertising. We are proud to provide our clients with a full range of branding and marketing solutions.

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The Jewish Ad Network (JANet)

One of the most powerful and exclusive tools available to the Jewish niche market, the JANet is the first and only ad network of its kind. Designed and developed by JMG, the JANet offers advertisers maximum online exposure at minimum cost, with the ability to optimize campaigns in real time and determine the best publications for our clients’ campaign. The JANet runs advertisers  campaigns across over 30 online publications more than half of which have exclusive relationships with JMG.

This allows for a broader audience to be reached in one single campaign, while learning which sites perform best for that particular campaign. The JANet service tracks campaign performance and has the ability to automatically make adjustments to optimize campaigns, assuring that the best performance possible is achieved.

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With over 1 billion users world wide, Facebook has become the single most powerful social media platform. JMG's ability to connect to Facebook’s advertising network and Facebook’s Ad Exchange (FBX) expands our online reach to millions of global impressions per month. Furthermore, ad placement can be specialized and customized using specifically targeted demographics of each Facebook user based on his or her profile information, as well as over 50,000 behavioral and demographic data sets provided by JMG's DSP (Demand Side Platform) services.

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Gmail Sponsored Promotions

Ranking #1 as the most visited website on the planet, Google offers unparalleled exposure for advertisers’ marketing campaigns. Google's Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP) places ads in a native setting, making their success rate very likely.

Navigating the extensive requirements of Google’s Sponsored Promotional campaign options or Google Ad Words can be frustrating for many companies. Let us take the reins and manage your Google strategy to achieve the best results for your advertising dollar.

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Targeting & Re-targeting

JMG leverages its multiple advertising platforms in order to find the most qualified users for our advertisers. Often this includes tracking visitors to our advertisers websites and reaching them again via one of the many platforms at The JMG's disposal.

JMG implements advanced algorithms to retarget users based on the level that they have reached in the purchase funnel of our clients.

For example, JMG routinely sets different remarking efforts for users who have reached the checkout page then it does for those who have reached the clients landing page. Our re-marketing capabilities span over the Jewish Ad Network, real-time bidding platforms, and email marketing.

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One of the key focuses of JMG is the process of optimization. This process begins with the launch of a campaign and continues throughout the campaign flight. Implementing techniques such as A/B testing and real-time optimization of ad serving, we, at JMG, fine-tune campaigns in order to ensure the best possible ROI for our clients through advanced reporting, statistics and expert analysis.

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Audience Extension

Audience Extension is perhaps the most powerful tool available in the Jewish niche market.

Nicknamed "The Jewish Google" the Audience Extension platform has the ability to reach over 7,000,000 browsers whom have visited English-speaking Jewish web publications. Reaching approximately 70% of affiliated, English-speaking Jewish households in the world provides JMG and its clients with a platform that was previously unheard of. By overlaying third-party big data with over 50,000 data points and by utilizing JMG's DSP (Demand Side Platform) access, Audience Extension enables JMG clients to reach millions of English-speaking Jewish users across over a dozen Ad Exchanges (such as The Google Ad Exchange, AppNexus, OpenX, Facebook Exchange, and others) as well as segment these users by thousands of data sets such as age, gender, education, political affiliation, hobbies, marital status, travel patterns, etc.

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Google AdWords

Leveraging The JMG's Audience Extension and ability to reach some 70% of English speaking Jewish affiliated households, JMG offers one of a kind advertising services via Google AdWords.
Our Google AdWords campaigns have the ability to go beyond traditional targeting available on standard AdWords accounts and combines with it the ability to target most of the English speaking Jewish market. All AdWords campaigns are managed by our team of Google certified Account Managers.
Major advertisers qualify for their own private AdWords account populated with the JMG Audience Extension. This provides advertisers with the opportunity to manage their own Google AdWords account while still enjoying our targeting capabilities.

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HTML Emails

J Media Global provides email hosting and monetization services to over a dozen major Jewish publishers. In total, JMG hosts over 1.5 million opt-in email subscribers. Our email hosting facilities offer top of the line hosting solutions for our publishers while making available to our advertisers some of the best advertising technology available.

Advertising services on email lists hosted by JMG include re-marketing, delivery monitor (testing email for spam before it is sent), heat maps, and detailed click and conversion tracking. Additionally, JMG offers the ability to send email advertising based on subscriber demographics such as age, gender, marital status, and geographic location.

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Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic Buying is more than just a buzzword. The concept of Programmatic Buying in general, and real-time auctions in particular, are the new standard for online advertising.
JMG, through its demand side platform, offers its advertisers the ability to participate in real-time auctions across all major ad exchanges, such as Google Ad Exchange, Yahoo Exchange, ApNexus, and Facebook Exchange, to name a few.

By coupling JMG's reach of the Jewish audience, along with third-party data and the reach to all major ad exchanges, we offer our advertisers the most comprehensive platform to reach the English speaking Jewish niche market that has ever existed.

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Social Media Promotion

In addition to traditional print or digital display banner ads, JMG offers HTML email blasts which give advertisers an incredible way to reach their desired audiences.

And with access to multiple lists, your HTML email blasts will be delivered to the inboxes of over 1.5 million opt-in subscribers.

Our Delivery Monitor will allow us to analyze the probability of major ISPs blocking emails and make the necessary corrections when needed, prior to sending the blasts.

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Creatives and Design

JMG provides a host of ancillary services to help our advertisers achieve the best results for their campaigns. Our in-house creative team offers top-quality, eye-catching graphic design services that stand out from the crowd.

Some of our digital display design products include Flash banner ads, animated GIF banner ads, static banner ads, Rich Media ads such as overlay banners, expandable banners, page pushers and page peelers, as well as websites, mini-sites, landing (squeeze) pages, and HTML emails.

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