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In May of 2006 the two leading agencies in the Jewish Internet advertising market combined forces to create the J Media Group. D&D Marketing and E-Shop Enterprises have pooled their resources and connections with the major Jewish online publishers to provide a greater level of service and deeper discounted prices for its clients. The J Media Group is the gold standard in online Jewish advertising, a one-stop-digital-shop for everything internet ad related.

With offices in LA, Florida, New York and Israel, J Media Group is the only global media company specializing in the Jewish internet and the only agency you'll need to be successful online.If you are looking for a way to gain exposure for your service or product in the Jewish and/or Israeli online niche market, the JMG is your one stop solution.The JMG represents some of the finest and most well known websites and email lists in this niche market, and we can assist you in achieving both the branding you want and the results you are looking for from your online campaigns.

Targeting your KPI and achieving your ROI The JMG is a technology centric, full service, marketing and advertising company.The JMG represents over 50 english online publishers in the Jewish Niche market and services over 170 advertisers.

Using best-in-class technology, the JMG builds, and manages campaigns that helps advertisers reach their target audience based on advanced behavioral, demographic and geographic targeting abilities.

The JMG’s one-stop services allow us to not only place your campaign but also to assist and guide you in all stages from creating the concept of your campaign and creating the necessary graphics to tracking the campaign performance and evaluating its success, coupled with ongoing support and service.


Imagine, taking your message to over 5,000,000 daily internet viewers and target email campaigns to over 1,200,000 subscribers The JMG offers the broadest reach available today of the online Jewish niche market.

Leveraging our exclusive relationships with dozens of publishers, the JMG has the ability to track and target an estimated 70% of all affiliated, Jewish, English speaking households in the world. Using our exclusive “audience extension” services, coupled with coveted seats on major Ad exchanges, the JMG can target over 5,000,000 users, segmented by thousands of behavioral and demographic data points.

The JMG hosts, manages and monetizes email lists for dozens of the leading publishers in our niche market. With over 1,200,000 opt-in subscribers hosted by the JMG and access to many more, The JMG offers its clients the largest access to email advertising in our market.

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