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J Media Global (The JMG) is the leading marketing and advertising company serving the Jewish niche market.

The JMG offers its clients state-of-the art services and technology solutions for online advertising and marketing, enabling our clients to reach the broadest, most targeted audiences, and focus on highly optimized campaigns which generate highest ROI (return on investment) for our clients.

Exclusive services

The JMG offers an exclusive, best-in-class services and technologies which make it a leader in niche market advertising.

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It’s all in the data

Using advanced behavioral and demographic targeting, coupled with the ability to reach over 70% of our niche market, we target campaigns to reach the right audience to match the goals of our campaigns

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Proven creatives that work

As a full service agency, our clients enjoy access to top class designers who work together to create effective copy and creatives 

Advanced, transparent reporting

We believe in what we do, and we share the process with our clients. All JMG clients have full, realtime, access to reporting, allowing them to see and measure the progress and success of their campaigns as they unfold!

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